Face lift

Face lift or "rhytidectomy" is to improve your facial appearance and Get rid of signs of aging on your neck, Unwelcome affects start to appear on the face and the neck as a result of getting older. Sagging skin and deep liens start to appear on the face and the neck which give an older and tired appearance, we can see these deep lines between the mouth and the nose also you can find it under the lower eyelid.

face lift
is a surgical operation to reduce deep lines and sagging skin and signs of aging ,This procedure help getting a younger looking face.


Why should you perform facelift process?

You can perform facelift procedure if you feel tired or sad because of signs of aging that start appear on your face or neck. Also, a facelift will help you improve your face and neck appearance by correcting signs of aging and skin excess on the face and the neck Such as

  • deep creases and Deep lines under eyelids that leads to a tired look.
  • Sagging and excess skin along the jawline and in the midface.
  • Having the appearance of a double chin and loose skin around in the chin area.
  • Creases that appear in the area between the nose and mouth.
  • Excess and loose skin and deep lines on the neck.
face lift - dr mahmoud  fakiha

How can you prepare yourself for facelift procedure?

You can prepare yourself by having a discussion with your cosmetic surgeon around your general health, your desires. He will give you the write tips, advice to follow and he will evaluate your status, the surgeon will do the necessary medical tests to make sure that the facelift will not have any harm to your health.

You can discuss the reason that makes you want to perform surgery for also you can discuss your desires and expectations , You have to ask your surgeon about Medical conditions and if there is a medical treatment you have to take before the procedure. You can consult your doctor about your current medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, and Previous surgeries.

About facelift procedure


The facelift procedure is performed by the cosmetic surgeon under a local anesthesia and sedation. As the surgeon starts by making an incision beside the earlobe or in the area of the temple , that depends on the area that the patient wants to correct on the face.

The incision size and depth are depending on the case and the amount of sagging skin we want to remove,  the surgeon avoids scaring after surgery by placing Incisions carefully in natural folds and in the hairline.

The doctor removes excess pockets of fat and sagging skin under the service also he works on repositioning the underlying tissue, after that the doctor tightens the skin and remove the excess skin then he closes the incision. The facelift procedure takes from 3 to 4 hours  depending on the case.

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