Do you get tired tummy tuck exercises and didn’t get the result you want? If you suffer from sagging skin and excess abdominal skin and your body do not respond to any diet or exercise, you have to think about the medical intervention to tighten the abdomen, which is called "tummy tuck" or " abdominoplasty".

Tummy tucks, known as abdominoplasty, remove loose fat and excess skin in the abdomen, In most cases, get ripped of weak skin and separating muscles re-shows the most youthful and firmer appearance.
Flat abdomen, tight, and free of any wrinkles or excess skin is a goal that many of us are trying to reach either by maintaining strict diets or by doing exercises targeting the abdominal area, but often not useful in weight loss. This traditional way can help control a little not to increase weight again , Even people with the normal body may have a slight abdominal appearance and the excess skin due to aging, genetics, and in cases of pregnancy, as well as those and the various fluctuations in weight such as weight loss more than once.

Abdominoplasty cannot be an alternative to weight loss or diet and fit exercises because it only works to remove excess and sagging skin and helps to get the tight and soft skin. The results are technically permanent but in cases of weight loss or increase weight Abdominoplasty will be useless meaning that the positive results may occur in vain of large and multiple fluctuations in weight, Therefore, it is necessary to maintain weight after tummy tuck to get the best results.

Therefore, people who plan to perform tummy tucks must lose excess weight and work on the ideal weight stability they want to maintain before the operation, In case of women who are thinking of pregnancy, they should postpone these tummy tucks until the pregnancy ends.

Abdominoplasty - dr mahmoud fakiha

Surgical procedures steps performed by the plastic surgeon who will perform a tummy tuck:

  • The first step: Anesthesia, in which the situation is injected with either intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia. plastic doctor recommends the best option for the condition according to the medical tests that are performed before the start of the process. 
  • The second step: Incision. And plastic surgeon determines the length of the incision according to the patient's case. In cases of a full tummy tuck, a horizontal incision is made in the area between pubic hair and the navel, and the shape and length of the incision is determined based on the amount of excess skin to be removed and once the skin in the abdomen the surgeon works to repair and tighten the weak and latent abdominal muscles.

A second incision can be made around the navel to remove excess skin in the upper abdominal area , When finished, the upper skin is pulled down to the abdomen with the removal of the excess skin and sewing the remaining skin together and a new opening is made for the navel to show and sew in place.
  • The third step: stitches and closing of the Incisions where the stitches and adhesives for the skin and adhesive tapes and clips are used to close the Incisions.
  • The fourth step: is to follow up the results after the operation and follow-up the symptoms that may occur after the operation and respond to consultations and help in emergency situations.
 In the end, you will get a tight, equal, more youthful, more fit and weighty belly.

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