Arm lift

Arm lift is known as brachioplasty, It's to remove excess and sagging skin from the arm exactly the from the armpit to the elbow.,Being confident in yourself is great especially when you are able to wear your clothes without worrying about problems such as obesity or accumulated fat in some areas such as arms. As a result of age, the skin becomes weak and begins to lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles in different parts of the body.

One of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles in multiple areas of the body is the process of losing weight for those suffering from obesity problems , There are medical studies that say that arm lift is one of the most common cosmetic operations carried out after weight loss and liposuction because it leaves multiple effects of flaccid skin, which requires a surgical tightening.

This problem occurs for men and women between the ages of 40 and 65, especially women who wear sleeveless clothing, where excess and sagging skin appears in the arms, especially when raised upwards, leading to an uncomfortable appearance of the arms.

Sagging skin appears for young people who suffer from early aging symptoms or those people who have symptoms of obesity and those who performed liposuction or reduced weight by dieting, exercise or whatever and that causes wrinkles and folds in the skin must be eliminated.
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About arm lift procedure

Arm lift procedure helps you to get tighten arms, remove all fatty deposits, remove the excess skin from the arms, and to get rid of worry caused by wrinkles and folds in the skin and get tight and healthy arms.
The arm lift procedure usually takes up to two hours of time, under the influence of the total anesthetic. The cosmetic surgeon performs a short or long surgical incision along the arm from the armpit to the elbow to remove all the fatty deposits and remove the excess skin. He uses the traditional surgical procedures technique in arm lift. In some cases, the surgeon needs to use liposuction techniques to get rid of fat. once the doctor removes fats and excess skin he closes the incision using medical thread.

Recover from arm lift procedure

In most cases, it requires a week to recover from arm lift procedure , In some cases, the doctor advised the patient to wear some types of clothing that pressure on the arms to help the tissues to heal as required and maintain the general appearance required after the operation with advice not carry heavy things for at least three weeks in order to be fully recovered. there are some symptoms that can occur after the operation such as some swelling, pain and bruising, but it disappears gradually to completely recover.

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