Facial threads

Facial threads lift operation is specially designed for those with early signs of aging such as facial sagging as it is an innovative cosmetic procedure performed within one to two hours.
During the Facial threads lift operation, the plastic surgeon inserts thin threads into the face through small incisions made in the target area, these threads are placed on the skin tissue and pulled back to lift the face.
There are many types of threads, including permanent threads (not recommended for use) and temporary threads, which lasts for only two years.


facial threads - dr mahmoud fakiha

Features of Facial thread

  1. Do not require surgical intervention or total anesthesia.
  2. The results shall continue for 1-2 years or more.
  3.  Do not pose a risk to the skin for the ease of melting threads inside the tissues.
  4. Clear and noticeable improvement in the skin.
  5. Cost is lower compared to other means.


Risks of Facial thread

  1.  Take care not to take any drugs before doing face-lift with strings to avoid complications.
  2. Asymmetry tightening of the thread on the right side of the face with a tightening of the thread on the left side.
  3. Stay away from the process of face lift with strings in the case of strong wrinkles.
  4. Injury to the nerves that control facial muscles - this is usually temporary.
  5. Tingling around the incision areas and this should be temporary.


facial threads - dr mahmoud fakiha


Doctor consultation


If the patient is afraid of a face lift surgery and wants to know more about that surgery, you should consult your surgeon immediately and find out all the answers to all questions in order to feel comfortable before surgery.


Cost of treatment


The cost of the facial thread process depends on the number of areas needing treatment and the number of threads used.


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