Thigh lift

Thigh Lift is the process of satisfying needs to reduce the inner or outer thighs appearance, It can help getting more youthful appearance and more attractive shape, Thigh lift addresses sagging skin and removes excess skin caused by weight loss or aging.

Thigh-lift operations are very similar to arm-lifts with different areas where they rely on removing excess skin and fat from the thigh area both inside and outside, These procedures are usually performed after slimming or after weight loss, which requires work to tighten the skin and remove the excess skin to get a good appearance and more youthful thighs.

Some people rely on different diets and exercise to reduce that excess tissue in the thighs but do not give the desired purpose, In some cases, liposuction is used as an adjunct to the thighs to reach the required results.


Why should you perform the Thigh-lift procedure?

You need to perform a thigh lift if you have a surgery for obesity "liposuction procedure"  and lost too much weight in that area of ​​your body, Thigh-lift will help you get rid of excess skin after losing weight.
A thigh lift can also be done if you are uncomfortable and tired when you wear clothes because the thighs are full and the skin becomes weak and This makes you feel sad.
You can also perform a thigh lift  If you want to have two thighs that are more healthy, younger and more fit with the rest of the body in cases where the thigh area is fuller than the rest of the body.


How can you prepare yourself for the Thigh-lift procedure?

Before starting the operation of the Thigh-lift, it is necessary to perform some medical tests and determine the length of the incision, which will be done and identify the directions and the ways to remove the excess skin and work on making a medical file for all details, procedures that were conducted on the case, medical examinations dates, and results in case the doctor can see it anytime.


Thigh Lift - dr mahmoud fakiha


When you perform a Thigh-lift procedure, the doctor will advise you the following:


  • For smokers, it is necessary to stop smoking before performing the process to reach faster results and recover more quickly.
  • Avoid taking drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and some types of herbal medicines unless ordered by a doctor.
  • Working on moisturizing the skin before performing the process to help the skin get to recover.
  • Make sure to maintain weight for a long time because weight gain in that area may cause many problems after the operation or it will be useless.


About the Thigh-lift procedure?

The procedure of the internal thigh lift surgical intervention is done by a cosmetic surgeon who makes a surgical incision in the inner thigh or outer thigh using general anesthesia.The area of the incision and its size can be determined depending on the amount of fat and excess skin that will be removed.

After that the surgeon work to get rid of fat, sagging and excess skin in that area. the doctor may sometimes do liposuction process but based on the patient case and the results of the medical tests that have been performed on the case ,Then he closes the incision and repeats on the other thigh.

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