breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery to increase breast size consistently and this is done through the placement of silicone breast implants.

The appropriate type is selected for the patient by the surgeon as the ultimate goal is to enlarge the breast and choose the natural proportions for each patient and there is no ideal to follow because the nature of each body is different from the other.

The surgery is used in many cases, including Restoring breast fullness lost after pregnancy and lactation, feeling confident when wearing exposed clothes, and getting an attractive and consistent body.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

1 - Autologous fat: Liposuction is taken from many places such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs and re-injected into the breast area, this is a safe way and the result of the surgery is seen after three months, Bruising and pain are expected to occur and gradually reduced after two weeks.

Silicone fillings are implanted which are considered to be similar to the body's natural tissues, highly resistant to pressure and too long to be replaced except in special cases. However, the success of the surgery depends on the doctor's skill and experience.

Breast Augmentation - dr mahmoud fakiha

Imaging technology through virtual reality glasses is the ideal solution for all patient's questions

In our clinic, we have the technique of secret imaging through the virtual reality glasses and we are unique in the Western region with this technique, which is the most appropriate solution to the patient's questions about the results of surgeries such as breast augmentation.
Through this technique, patients can see the fillings, find out the appropriate size of filling, see the results of the surgery in the future, and manage expectations better for the convenience of patients.

Patient Questions

What will I look like after plastic surgery?
Patients can have a perfect breast and the result of surgery depends on the surgeon's skill, so the secret imaging technique through the virtual reality glasses enables you to see that result in advance before performing plastic surgery.
Does this technique cause any risk or side effects?

The technique of imaging through the virtual reality glasses does not cause any danger to the health of patients and has no side effects.

Are the results of these technique real results?  

Yes, the results of the technique of imaging through virtual reality glasses are real, it is a transfer of the surgical result to the ground.

Imaging technology through virtual reality glasses - dr mahmoud fakiha

What can breast augmentation surgery do?

  1. Increase breast size and lift the drooping breast.
  2. Get the perfect body.
  3. Increase self-confidence.

Patients sometimes suffer from swelling, bruising and pain after surgery but all those symptoms are temporary and need only a little time, most patients can return to work and daily routines within seven days but exercise should be avoided for at least one month to avoid complications.

Side effects of breast augmentation surgery

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